Sports and Games : Badminton

Started year : 1967
Started instructor : S.A.S.Disanayaka
Present instructor : W.M.Wijesinghe


Works and Victories


  • In 1971 Maliyadeva badminton team was won the first place of district.
  • In 1973 senior badminton team was won five gold medals at all Island badminton competition held in gall.
  • In 1975 Maliyadeva senior and junior badminton team awarded 1st place in the Central province badminton competition.
  • In 1988 participated an all Island competition and won second place.
  • In 1992 placed 1st in district and 3rd place in province.
  • In 1996 under19, B team won the all Island 1st place.
  • In 1998 under12 C team won the 2nd place of all Island badminton competition organized by Maliyadeva College.
  • In 1998 Maliyadeva badminton team was selected to best team of North Western province. Then they selected to participate special competitions in India.
  • In the year of 2001, Eranga Nirmal was selected to the under-15 nation pool consist of 7 members had a tour of India. In year 2003, he selected to under-17 national pool and went to UK and Canada. After he played for an Australian Club. In the year of 2004 he participated to SAARF games representing Sri Lankan team. Nowadays he is placed in 6th place of Sri Lankan National rankings.