Religious Background

Maliyadeva College has fulfilled an immense service to the upliftment of Buddhism with the help of Buddhist monks who rendered their service to this college. The school has given its priority to cultural and religious activities. That is clear by its very name "Maliyadeva" (The name of last Arahath thero of Buddhist history) how close the school to Buddhism is.

The school Buddhist Association was established in year 1961. Before that, an association called Buddhist Kathakodhaya Association was commenced with the leadership of Ven. Ibbagala Rajamaha Viharadhipathi Nakaththe Anandha Thera and Mr. U. B. Wanninayake. After that, the school became the Head Quarters of Buddhist in this Area. Therefore, Regional Buddhist Association was commenced with the leadership of Maliyadeva College Buddhist Association. However, the first shrine was built in the year 1939.

Today Buddhist Association is the base of ethics and religious activities in school. All students in school are members of this association. It organizes various religious activities throughout the year, such as annual "Katina Pinkama", annual "Parithrana Dharmadeshanawa" ,annual "Sangagatha Dakshinawa", Pirith Pinkam and Buddhist Pageants. Its activities have helped to develop and maintain a good discipline among large student population.


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