Started year : 1958
First instructor : Mr. M.V.Nadaraja
Present instructor : Mr. M.V.Samarasiri and Mr.K.S.Madhawala


Works and Victories

  • In 1964, Maliyadeva wrestling team won 2nd place in northwestern province wrestling competition organized by educational department. Then our four students were selected to all island competition and student P.C.Rathnamalala awarded 2nd place.
  • In 1967, they won 1st place from district and 1968, 1972 again they were winners.
  • Though this game was degenerated after 1980, Mr.C.P.K.Rathnayaka started again this sport in 1991.
  • In 1993 student, Seewali Munasinghe won 1st place of 60kg-63kg weight class and In 1994 C.K.Bandara won 1st place 60kg-70kg weight class at beginner's wrestling competition.
  • Then student Munasinghe won gold medal at national school wrestling competition held in Colombo.
  • In 1995 student, Anuruddha Senavirathna won gold medal of 29kg-31kg weight class.
  • In 1997, student 40kg weight class 2nd winner was R.M.Rathnayaka.

1999-2000 results of wrestling

  • All Island Wrestling competition-1999

Anuradha Senarathna 58-63kg 1st place

  • All island bigginner's wrestling competition 1999

L.R.P.C.Jayathilaka 48-50kg 1st place
A.M.R.L.Aththanayaka 54-58kg 1st place
Anuradha Senarathna 58-63kg 1st place

  • Krist Perera all island open competition 1999

V.E.B.Amarasekara 50-54kg 1st place
Anuradha Senarathna 58-63kg 1st place

  • All island national school wrestling competition 1999

B.K.Umesh Akalanka Rodrigo 48-50kg 1st place
Anuradha Senarathna 58-63kg 1st place


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