Educational Sections

For the improvement of students' educational level, students are divided into several sections. They are,

  • Primary Section (grade 1-5)
  • Junior Secondary (grade 6-7)
  • Secondary Junior (grade 8-9)
  • Middle Section (grade 10-11)
  • Advanced Level Section (grade 12-13)

There are sectional heads for each section. And for Advanced Level classes there are two sectional heads, for Science Sections and Art/Commerce Section. They are responsible about the education and the disciplinary of the students. The present Sectional heads are,

  • Primary Section - Mrs. Daya Gunathilake/ Mr. J. M. Dayarathne (.dep)
  • Junior Section - Mrs. Sunila Dasanayake/ Mr. K. M. Karunarathne (.dep)
  • Junior Secondary - Mr. M. H. M. L. Bandara/ Mr. Kandepola (.dep)
  • Middle Section - Mr. Y. C. Yataware/ Mr. Harris Bandara (.dep)
  • Advanced Level Section (Science) - Mr. D. M. Chandrasena/ Mrs. Swarna Gunathilake (.dep)
  • Advanced Level Section (Art/Commerce) - Mr. W. P. Polhena/ Mr. Deepal Senadeera (.dep)

Every section of the school co-operate to manage the daily work easily and accurately. And all of these section provide educational equipments and facilities for students necessities.


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