Educational Achievements

Maliyadeva College is a well known school in Sri Lanka because of it's achievements. Onwards year 2000 our school became a very competitive school in education.


Advanced Level Examinations

In present out school has more victories in education because of competitiveness of the students and hard work of the experienced teachers.

S. N. Endaragalla was the Island First in Commerce section in year 1999. He became the first place over 200,000 students in Sri Lanka.

S. M. A. Jayawardane won the sixth place in Biology Science in year 2001. Nowadays he studies in Colombo Medical faculty. In that year, our school recorded best results in Biology Science.

H. Dulip Bandara Piyarathne was the Island first in Mathematics Section in year 2003. Apart from that, R. M. A. P. Rathnayake became all Island Ninth place in Mathematics Section.

This year Maliyadeva College recorded best results in whole country.


Ordinary Level Examinations

Maliyadeva College has most experienced and talented teachers in Middle Section. Nowadays our college has very competitiveness among the students.

As a result, W. M. B. S. Wijerathne became the Island First Place in year 2003. It is a big victory for our school because he recorded the best results among 584,745 students.


Grade V Scholarship Examination

In every year, our school records higher score levels in Grade V Scholarship Examination. There is much competitiveness among the students. We are in a hurry to record the best results very recently.


Other Educational Achievements

We try to build well-educated students from our skills. Therefore, every year our school records many victories such as,


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